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Certified Family Law Specialist with 35+ Years experience

Our Qualifications and Experience 

At Rayson Legal our highly qualified team consists of a Certified Family Law Specialist, Lawyers, Law Clerks and Legal Assistants.  

With decades of experience practicing primarily in the field of Family Law, often considered the most complex area of law, we are proud of having successfully addressed various related issues, from trust, property, support and custody to child mobility and abduction cases under the Hague. 


Compassion and Understanding

Our first step is to understand your individual circumstances and help you navigate through this highly emotionally charged time in your life while protecting your rights.  

In addition to family litigation which may include Custody, Child Support, Spousal Support,  Access, enforcement of support through the Family Responsibilities Office (FRO), Voice of the Child, various Assessments, involvement of the Office of the Children's Lawyer (OCL), division of Net Family Property and Equalization just to name a few, we also specialize in drafting Marriage Contracts, Cohabitation Agreements and Separation Agreements.

Mediation and Collaborative Family Law

Our Certified Family Law Specialist is also a highly skilled mediator who is happy to assist couples who are amicable and able to work collaboratively and who wish to avoid the family litigation forum.  Part of the Collaborative Family Law process may include working with a third party such as a child psychologist, financial specialist or another mutually agreed upon third party, with the common goal of not engaging in courts.


The divorce process is a grueling one, both emotionally and financially.  At Rayson Legal we work to mitigate your legal costs by working effectively and efficiently.  We have systems in place to help keep your costs to a minimum.  Our Law Clerks attend to processes, Our Legal Assistants attend to Administrative tasks, while our lawyers charge hourly rates, pro-rated to ensure you are not overcharged. 

We understand that moving forward is your primary objective and we are here to help you do so as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.



Have you been wronged by a neighbor, co-worker or other acquaintance? A Small Claims lawyer or paralegal may be able to help. At Rayson Legal, we practice in Small Claims court and have helped many clients recover losses due to property damage or personal injury.

If you need assistance with a Small Claims matter in Richmond Hill and the surrounding areas, contact Rayson Legal today. Our team has years of practice and a wealth of knowledge and can help you recover money or property that you are entitled to.

What Are Small Claims?

In the province of Ontario, a Small Claim is any claim for money or property that is worth $25,000 or less (not including interest and other costs). Some examples of Small Claims are:

  • Breach of contract
  • Personal injuries
  • Property damage
  • Unpaid accounts for goods or services rendered
  • Unpaid loans or rent

For example, if you are a landlord and have had tenants who have fallen behind on rent payments, a Small Claims lawyer or paralegal can help you recover the money you are owed. As for personal injury, a Small Claims lawyer or paralegal is a great ally when someone else is responsible for your injuries — such as in a car accident or an injury due to property neglect.

What Do You Need?

In order to be successful with a Small Claims action, you need to summarize the event and explain why you are entitled to compensation. You must also provide as much evidence as possible to substantiate your claim. Evidence may consist of things like photographs, witness statements, receipts or contracts.

A Small Claims lawyer or paralegal can help you gather all of the necessary items and whatever else you may need to file your Small Claim. Lawyers and paralegals are also familiar with the practices and procedures prescribed by the Ontario Small Claims Rules.

At Rayson Legal, we are ready and able to help file or defend a Small Claims matter to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Call us at (461) 630-5600 Ext. 1226 to schedule an appointment.

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