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Family Law Services in Richmond Hill


Our Qualifications and Experience 

At Rayson Legal our highly qualified team consists of a Certified Family Law Specialist, Lawyers, Law Clerks and Legal Assistants.  

With decades of experience practicing primarily in the field of Family Law, often considered the most complex area of law, we are proud of having successfully addressed various related issues, from trust, property, support and custody to child mobility and abduction cases under the Hague. 

Compassion and Understanding

Our first step is to understand your individual circumstances and help you navigate through this highly emotionally charged time in your life while protecting your rights.  

In addition to family litigation which may include Custody, Access, Child Support, Spousal Support, enforcement of support through the Family Responsibilities Office (FRO), Voice of the Child, various Assessments, involvement of the Office of the Children's Lawyer (OCL), division of Net Family Property and Equalization just to name a few, we also specialize in drafting Marriage Contracts, Cohabitation Agreements and Separation Agreements.

Mediation and Collaborative Family Law

Our Certified Family Law Specialist is also a highly skilled mediator who is happy to assist couples who are amicable and able to work collaboratively and who wish to avoid the family litigation forum.  Part of the Collaborative Family Law process may include working with a third party such as a child psychologist, financial specialist or another mutually agreed upon third party, with the common goal of not engaging in courts.


The divorce process is a grueling one, both emotionally and financially.  At Rayson Legal we work to mitigate your legal costs by working effectively and efficiently.  We have systems in place to help keep your costs to a minimum.  Our Law Clerks attend to processes, Our Legal Assistants attend to Administrative tasks, while our lawyers charge hourly rates, pro-rated to ensure you are not overcharged. 

We understand that moving forward is your primary objective and we are here to help you do so as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

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Custody and Access

Spousal Support, Child Support & Section 7 Expenses

Spousal Support, Child Support & Section 7 Expenses


 Custody... its most basic form, custody is the decision making power over the child


... is the ability to spend time with the child but it does not give any legal decision making power. 

A custodial parent has access through their custody but a non-custodial parent must have an access order or access agreement. 

Spousal Support, Child Support & Section 7 Expenses

Spousal Support, Child Support & Section 7 Expenses

Spousal Support, Child Support & Section 7 Expenses


 What is Spousal Support?

 is money paid by one spouse to the other after they separate or divorce. It is sometimes called alimony or maintenance. Many factors may affect whether a married or common-law spouse is entitled to spousal support and how much support they should receive. 

What is Child Support?

 Child support is an ongoing, monthly payment made by a parent for the financial support and benefit of a child(ren) following the end of a marriage or other relationship.

What are Section 7 Expenses?

Often referred to as S7 Expenses, these are generally special or extraordinary expenses such as childcare or private school.  S7 Expenses are not included in the basic monthly amounts of child support.

Net Family Property Equalization

Spousal Support, Child Support & Section 7 Expenses

Net Family Property Equalization


An equalization payment equals the division of assets and debts that both parties take in a divorce regarding their division of community property assets and debts. When a marriage ends, the equal contribution of each person to the marriage is recognized. The law provides that the value of any kind of property that was acquired by a spouse during the marriage and still exists at separation must be divided equally between the spouses .

Equalization is a payment from one spouse to the other at the end of a marriage. This equalization payment only applies to married spouses, not to common law spouses .


Collaborative Family Law, Contracts & Agreements

Net Family Property Equalization


 Mediation is a voluntary way of resolving disputes where a trained mediator helps parties of relatively equal bargaining positions to resolve disputes about family issues.  Mediation can be either open or closed.


What is Closed Mediation?

Closed Mediation means this process is confidential between the parties only.  It also means any discussions cannot be used as evidence against either party, with very few exceptions (for example, where concerns arise over the welfare of a child).  

Further, the mediator will not report to the  to the court on the progress of the mediation or provide an opinion on the issues that have been discussed.

What is Open Mediation?

Open Mediation means this process is not confidential .  With open mediation, the agreement to mediate or mediation contract may also authorize the mediator to prepare a report once the mediation finishes.

 Our senior lawyer is a Certified Family Law Specialist who is also a highly trained and successful mediator.  

Collaborative Family Law, Contracts & Agreements

Collaborative Family Law, Contracts & Agreements

Collaborative Family Law, Contracts & Agreements



Collaborative Family Law includes working with third parties such as Child Psychologists, Financial Planners and other third parties.  For couples who are amicable and willing to work collaboratively, we are able to assist with the following:

  1. Separation Agreements
  2. Marriage Contracts
  3. Cohabitation Agreements 

What is a Separation Agreement?

A Separation Agreement is a contract between two people who used to live together and are now living separate and apart.  This agreement explains each parties' rights and obligations upon separation, including:

  • division of property
  • spousal and child support
  • custody and access
  • other issues which may be applicable to your personal relationship

What is a Marriage Contract?

  A marriage contract is a domestic contract which sets out how both parties will deal with their issues while together or at the end of their relationship. 

What is a Cohabitation Agreement?

 A form of legal agreement  between a couple who have decided to live together.   Such couple may be viewed as married when applying for a mortgage or in the case of child support, upon separation. 


Collaborative Family Law, Contracts & Agreements

Collaborative Family Law, Contracts & Agreements


Not only is this an emotionally difficult time, but often-times it can be financially devastating.  

At Rayson Legal we pride ourselves in mitigating costs.  

Litigation Costs

We have systems in place to ensure your costs are minimized.  Our Lawyers' hourly rates are prorated.  Our Law Clerks assist with processing while our Legal Assistants are responsible for administrative tasks.  

Contract , Agreement & Mediation Costs

Flat fee applicable without any additional hidden costs or fees.